Dorene Oster English Coaching aide les entreprises et les particuliers à améliorer leurs compétences en communication anglaise en utilisant des techniques simples et efficaces qui leurs donnent la confiance et les connaissances nécessaires pour exécuter les tâches quotidiennes et communiquer plus naturellement en anglais.


“I am a real estate broker and I have always wanted to learn English for my personal growth and for my business. When I retire I want to travel around the world. Now, I have the baggage I need to follow my dreams. Dorene is an excellent teacher, and I recommend her English coaching services without hesitation. I thank her for her patience and her dedication. I love working and learning English with you.”

Nancy Auclair, Certified Real Estate Broker

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“With each new contract, Dorene really takes the time to understand and identify our training needs by creating customized courses based on our staff’s level of English and tailoring them to fit their job functions. We are very happy with the results and we do not hesitate to use her services.”

Cathy Roberge, HR Coordinator, Rotobec Inc.

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“I own a Christmas tree plantation with my parents and my brother and we sell all of our trees to the United States. English conversation classes with Dorene Oster English Coaching has helped me learn new vocabulary, practice sentence structure and make small talk. English conversation with Dorene has helped me to speak more fluently, and now I’m not shy to speak English anymore. I am now able to visit my English-speaking customers and speak to them about our Christmas tree business, also it’s easier for me to speak with them on the phone. I am very proud of my improvement.”

François Fortin, Plantation Fortin & Mercier Inc..

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"I needed help quickly because I had applied to change job position and I needed a certain level of English to communicate with customers by phone. Dorene helped me practice conversion and role play, review vocabulary and verb tenses. She gave me the confidence I needed to pass the oral communication exam with my employer. I am happy to say that I got the job!"

Olivier Robin Colombe, Hydro-Quebec

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