You need English for work, but need the basics first. The English for Beginners to Pre-Intermediate Course focuses on teaching you the basics in grammar, verb tenses and sentence structure. We make sure you don't just get the basics, but get the vocabulary and guidance you need to prepare you for basic communication in your job.

Based on your assessment test and the needs analysis form, I develop a training package customized to your individual needs while delivering measurable results.

When working with a business, I work closely with the Human Resources Department on identifying these needs, design customized solutions to meet these needs, and provide detailed progress reports at the end of each month.

At the end of this Basic English Course:

You will have the knowledge and skills to be able to participate in simple conversations in English during different activities related to work or social events, answer and transfer calls, summarily correspond by email, conjugate verbs, present, past and future, structure sentences, ask questions.


Hourly rate:

  • 1 hour lesson of 1-On-1 training = 55$ CAD.
  • Possibility of pairing this course package with a colleague for an additional hourly rate of 25$ per participant.
  • Payable on a monthly basis, plus applicable taxes.

Other Needs:

If you have any specific needs that are not covered here, please send me your inquiry so we can explore the specifics and formulate an appropriate offer for you and your company.

Included in the Price of These Course Packages:

  • Free phone consultation to determine and discuss your needs
  • Grammar Assessment Placement Test (verbal and written) with feedback
  • Training needs analysis form
  • Report with results and training recommendation (content, course material, etc.) with estimated number of hours required to achieve your goals
  • Complete course preparation customized to your level and needs
  • Taught by a professional native English coach with 5 years experience
  • Regular feedback opportunities
  • Course program, responsive to your changing needs allow for optimal learning
  • Personalized targeted course material (copies made by participants)
  • Flexible schedule (delay of 24-hour cancellation required)
  • No required course books
  • No registration fee
  • Attendance sheet included with monthly invoice
  • Monthly progress reports per participant or group of participants





High-Performance English Coach

Sainte-Justine, Quebec, Canada

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